Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sales, Sales, everywhere there's Sales

Notice when you don't have any money, you find tons of things to buy. I have never seen so many sales for yarn and craft things (now that I am learning to sew, I am also obsessed with all things fabric).

If you can take advantage of these sales, start buying and get your stash going. Then when you are stuck at home instead of Cancun for a vacation this year (not that I get to go on vacation ever) you will have plenty to do.

Make sure you sign up for the email notifications on sites such as and, I have received at least four 50% off coupons from Joanns in the last week alone. I thankfully have one around the corner so I can go everyday if I feel like it to use up the coupons. If you don't have one close by, ask the cashier to break up your purchases to take advantage of all the coupons you are bringing. If you are nice, odds are they will be nice back and do it for you. If not, there is no shame in walking out the door after using one coupon and walking back in and getting in a different line to use another coupon (you gotta do whatcha gotta do in these times). My philosophy is if they send me all those coupons at once, they should expect me to use everyone of them or not send me that many if they don't want the trouble.

So get out those coupons fellow hookers and start stashing. You know you'll use it eventually.

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