Thursday, February 11, 2010

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

I have finally added a new pattern!!! I have been working on a new format for all of my old patterns (still not finished yet) and haven't had time to write up all the patterns I have finished. Well today, I said enough was enough and got at least one done. This cute little newsboy hat is sized from baby to adult male so you can make it for anyone. Check it out in my shop for more info.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Significantly Lacking

I am loving this book I got to see where all of my knitting problems are going wrong, but it is lacking one very important part that I didn't realize until I finished my first scarf (see pic below). How do I keep the edges of my work neat? Knit fix seems to be geared towards knitted garments (i.e. things that will have sewn seams) and doesn't give any advice on neat edgings on things like scarfs (please feel free to yell at me if I glanced over this section and it actually does exist).

Anywhoo, I went a googling to see what advice others have for neat scarf edges and found a super simple fix. So I will share it with all who have not heard this so you too will have neat edges.

TIP: No matter what the stitch calls for on any given row, always knit the first stitch of the row, and purl the last stitch of the row.

I am working on a 1x1 rib scarf now and so far so good. I will post some pics once it is done.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Here it is!

                Well, I'll say this much about the scarf. It was good practice for all my stitches. It ended up taking only one skein to finish it. It is the perfect size for my daughter and she actually likes it, so it is now hers. Time to move on to the next project, because as we all know ~ Practice makes perfect, or in my case, practice makes less ugly.                                                                                                 

Update on First Knit Scarf

So I am about half way through my very first knit scarf and I think it is going well. As I said yesterday, the horrific book of introduction to knitting did have cute patterns and it is a sampler pattern I am making this scarf from. It's great it has ribbing, checkerboard, keyholes, intro to knit,  and intro to purl. I did pick up another skein of yarn today because I don't think one will be enough, plus I don't like short scarfs so I will probably add in some more of the patterns that I already made. Once I am done I will post a pic and then you all can make fun of me :) Happy hooking forever!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Ok, if you read a few posts back, you would know that I am beginning to knit. I will go into detail about the likes and dislikes with comparison to crochet in the days ahead, but first a vent and warning to anyone else that will attempt this craft.

I bought a little kit that has a book and yarn included to knit up a cute little scarf. Thankfully I bought other books including the wonderful Knit Fix by Lisa Kartus and do not have to rely on this horrid book in the kit for knitting instruction. Lack of pictures, clear instructions, and too many confusing written visuals make this book worthless for learning to knit in my opinion. It also doesn't include the continental method of knit, which, because I am a crocheter find it an easier way to hold my yarn (it is held in the left hand just like crochet). I mostly got the kit because it had a few cute patterns in the book that I would like to try.

So moving on to my first scarf using the yarn provided in the kit...

Let me stop here and stress to anyone who is learning to knit. DO NOT USE ONE PLY YARN TO LEARN TO KNIT!!! One ply, for anyone who is not familiar, is a super loose looking yarn (almost like roving or wool that has not been spun yet). Guess what was in my kit? 4 super small skeins of one ply variegated blue yarn. I didn't think about it being one ply before starting the project. With crochet, I can handle one ply easily without splitting the yarn at all. Not quite the same outcome with knitting.

Since you have to insert a pointy needle in between a loop of untwisted yarn, it is extremely difficult to get in there without splitting the yarn and ending up with a lopsided loop that won't give because your yarn is stuck on itself .

Needless to say, I got into the third row and gave up. I feel sorry for any one who is using this kit to learn to knit for the first time. They will inevitably give up and never try again, because that is exactly what I would do had I not received hands on teaching. I have tinked (frogged for us crocheters, tink is knit spelled backwards and means the same thing) the yarn and rewound it to use at a later day in either a crochet project or once I learn the nuaunces of knitting with one ply. Now I am off to try the scarf with a skein of Bernat Alpaca. I'll take a picture if I make it throught. Wish me luck.

Oh and for any of you crocheters who want to give knitting a try, the difficult kit is by Astor Tsang and is called Introduction to Knitting ~ A Simple-to-Use Guide to Creating Hip Knits. I recommend the book for the cute patterns and the yarn is actually quite nice, but be warned, don't combine the yarn with the knit instructions or tears and cursing will ensue.

Whit Knits Sale

If you have never tried Malabrigo yarn, now is the time to do it. Whit Knits is having a 20% off sale of all their Malabrigo. Malabrigo is a super fine merino wool that is so soft to touch and is only sold in yarn shops (no mass retail shops). It goes for about $10 a skein regular and is a real treat for the speical something you have been wanting to make. To check out the sale, click here.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Discount Website Yarn Stores

I've compiled a list of all the popular discount websites that have great deals on yarn and other crochet related accessories. Happy shopping:

Yarn Bazaar


Discount Yarn Sale

Knit Picks

Knitting Warehouse

Discount Brand Name Yarn

Colour Mart

Yarn and Thread by Lisa


Little Knits

My favorite pattern from Everyday Crochet

I keep putting off buying Everyday Crochet, but the cover patten kept calling to me. Then I just happen to find a link to the actual pattern for free!!! Now I can make this and wait a little longer to get the rest of the book. If you love this as much as I do, here is the link to the free pattern.

Not the Usual Kerchief

I think this is the first time I have actually liked a crocheted piece of fabric that holds back hair. It doesn't look too bulky, but not too flimsy. It's a cute pattern and you can make it yourself by clicking here.

Super Cute

Love this super simple little baby sweater in an Eastern style.
Looks like it would probably take a weekend to complete. If you wanna give it a try, here is the link.

Free Pattern

These are a cute little pair of mary jane slippers and a really great tutorial on how to create them can be found here. Lots of pictures and love the fact that they are free. I've seen comparable slipper patterns selling for as much as $6. Now you can use that savings to buy the yarn for these. Happy hooking.

I'm Back

Well, I've been gone for a little bit. Starting school back up, traveling a bit, and (gasp) learning to knit.

In case you are very dissapointed in me at that last bit of info, let me assure you, this will in no way affect my love for crochet. I wanted to learn so I could really see the differences in both crafts and find ways to bring knit looks into crochet. I'm not trying to make knit fabric per se, but we all know that most crochet fabric can use a good thinning to get it to drape as well as knitting. Hopefully the next few garment patterns I produce will have that element.

Anyways, that is where I have been, I may share some of my knitting FOs with you, just to show you how bad I am at it right now. But if any of you have been wanting to learn, maybe I can also help you through some rough patches with what I have learned so far. Let me know if you would like to see that.

Now let the crochetness ensue.