Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pattern of the Week

This is a pattern for a simple pretty heart. I love how they turned this super easy project into a cute garland with mini clothes pins. Nice project to get rid of scraps and have a homemade decoration for Valentine's Day. Or embroider "I Love You" and make it a special valentine for your special someone. Click on the picture or post title to be taken to the pattern. Happy Hooking!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


You have to know Beyonce's video to truly appreciate this one.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Can't leave out the adults

Couldn't make some for the kids and not include the adults. Made with a slightly different stitch these are perfect for man or woman. Check them out for only $3. Click on the title or picture to go purchase them. Happy hooking!!

Arm Warmers

Here is my latest and greatest listing. It is for the child that hates to wear gloves. Though it may not keep the fingertips warm, it is better than them wearing nothing, and at only $2.50 for the pattern, you can make them for every kid you know. Click on the title or picture to be taken to my shop to check out some more pictures.


I received this in the mail today. As you know I give 10% of all my sales to the DAV, and today they honored me with a certificate for my donations. I will be a silver leader this year, and hope to get to gold, but I can't do it without you all. The more sales I receive from crochet lovers, the more I can give to the DAV. But, you all can give also, this is such a great charity to give to. They directly support all of the veterans who are disabled from the wars fought to keep our country free. Plus when you give to them, they send you wonderful things: beautiful calendars with patriotic images, wonderful address labels that have americana as the theme. I ask everyone who visits this site to take a look at the DAV's site and give to those who have paid the ulitimate price for our freedom. Please click on the title of this post or the certificate to be taken to their site and give generously.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Finally got my xmas present in the mail

Check out my xmas present. The craft armoire by Sauder. I love this thing. It holds MOST of my yarn on the 2 ft long shelves, my sewing machine hides under the roll out table along with the sewing basket and crochet tools basket. This thing holds so much stuff and then closes up tight so you don't see any of it. You can also see my new cutting table to the right of the cabinet, a present from my mom (the cabinet was from my hubby). If you want to get one of these I have a link to the website I got my on the title of the post. It was about $450 including shipping (shipping is like $150 alone, so this was only $300) total bargain for what it does.

Yarn Snobs

I wanted to write about my pet peeve of pattern designers using some riduculously expensive (and usually ugly) designer yarn in a pattern and either 1) not giving the comprable weight of the yarn so we can substitute it or 2) giving the comprable but only give the amount in the weight of grams or some other obscure measurement I will never figure out. I really want to go to these people and say, pull your head out of you know where and realize that instead of creating a pattern with yarn only a pro would use, create the pattern with yarn anyone could find and then let the pros, who know how and what to substitute without you telling them, substitute their snobby yarn. Give us the easiest yarn to use and then give suggestions for the adventurous and rich people to go buy $45 a skein yarn. Me and my cheap hooker ways just can't fathom spending that much on yarn.

Pattern of the Week

Aren't these the cutest little bugs you have ever seen. This love bug and bee are so much better than making the overdone crocheted "heart" for Valentine's Day. Click on the picture or title of the post to be taken to the patterns. Happy hooking!!

Ch Ch Check it Out

Who wants to learn to felt? Why not start with an easy quick project to see if you like it. I made up this super fast and easy nesting bowl set so everyone could try felting for cheap (it only takes half a skein to make these three bowls). Plus the pattern is cheap too, just $2 to see if felting is for you. Click on the title of the post or the picture to be taken to the shop to get your pattern now.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Can someone please explain sock fascination??

I just don't understand people who knit or crochet their own socks. Okay, knitting is a little more easy to explain because when they are done, it actually looks like socks and not a pair of slippers as with most crochet. But, I can go down to the local Target and pick up a six pack of socks for like 6 bucks. The cheapest sock yarn I could find was $5 a skein and it went up to over $15. Now maybe if you walked around just in your socks, I could see spending the money to show off your skills, but most people wear socks with shoes and pants, so that time and money you just wasted doesn't get seen by anyone. Can someone please explain this to me?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I love the library!!

So I totally forgot the greatness of the library. I went today and found like 8 crochet books that I have never seen. Probably because they are all from the eighties and nineties, but some are great and have timeless patterns. Some not so much. I just found an interesting afgan pattern tat is called "popcorn ripple"; however, theonly popcorns are two at the bottom of each ripple, so it literally looks like a pair of balls (as in male genatialia) hanging there. It is horrific, and funny at the same time. If you want to see it pick up the Leisure Arts "Crochet for today" book. Page 13. If I find a good book to review I will put in on here, but I am not going to waste anyone's time on books that are too out of date that no one would ever make anything out of it. Check back soon to see what I have added.

Two New Listings

Here are the latest additions. On the left, a granny square yarn stash bag. Great to work projects out of cuz you can just thread the yarn through one of the many holes in the granny squares. Or you can line it and make it a cute funky purse. On the right is a hooded scarf for the children who hate to wear hats and scarves. Click on the title of the post to be taken to my shop to see the new additions and get them while their hot!! Plus they have been added to the collection. You can get all 14 of my patterns for $24. You can't beat that!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Not your Mama's Crochet

Here is the next book in my review. It has been awhile, and I am sorry, I will try to get the rest of my books up here with a complete run down of what is in them and how well they are put together.
So, Not You Mama's Crochet is supposed to be about fun new patterns that are nothing like stuff made by your mother. I find that some of the patterns do fall under this category, but the others are just rehashed patterns that we have seen everywhere.
We begin with Chap 1 entitled "Crochet 101". It is the obligatory chapter of how to do your basic crochet stitches. They try to liven it up with a lot of slang and cute cliches, but overall it has decent pictures of the stitches, I just don't know if a beginner would pick up very well because they do not include pictures for every step of each stitch. For example, the only two pictures for treble crochet are the first yo, and the finished stitch. Other books, such as the Encyclopedia of Crochet (see other reviews) give clear pictures for every step in both right and left handed and I would recommend that to learn rather than this book.
Chap. 2, "Stitches to Make Your Knees Weak" now gives actual black and white photos of all the basic stitches worked up in swatches. These are the author's 12 favorite stitches and they include a granny square and lacy flower.
Chap 3, "All about Yarn" is just as it states, all about yarn. I find that for most novices, trying different yarns is a bad idea. I think the novice should stick with acrylic or cotton until they get comfortable with their stitches, because if you are starting crocheting with, lets say, a boucle, you are going to give up real quick. But this is a very good comprehensive chapter that does a better job of explaining different yarn and techniques you can try to make your own and I enjoyed reading it.
Chap 4, "One Hook or Two?" is meant to give you the run down of the basic crochet hook and different gauges they come in. It also goes over a list of must haves for your crochet basket.
Chap 5, "Be a Fashion Designer, (Or Just Look Like One)" gives a whole range of body measurements for you to take if you plan on fitting any of your garments. I don't think this chapter really belongs in this book. When you follow a pattern for a garment you have never made before I am not sure how you are going to adjust it for your size. It's not like you can make it and then cut it up (hello, crochet). It's a great intro into fitting clothes but would be better in a beginner's sewing book.
Chap 6, "Ready, Set, Crochet" goes over the anatomy of a crochet pattern and all of the lovely little symbols and abbreviations you will encounter when working with one.
You then move in to the Projects. This book is interesting because all of the patterns have a color photo in the middle of the book and then a handdrawn picture on the page with the pattern. One thing that is nice is that they point out the cost to make it if you are using the yarn they suggest. One thing that is annoying is that instead of sticking with the difficulty level of "Beginner", "Intermediate", they use "cute" alternatives such as "Flirtation", I really don't want to have to keep finding the page that shows me what these words means.
Now for a rundown of the patterns:
1. Market Bag: Simple crocheted bag that we have seen everywhere, but a nice beginner pattern. It also shows you a variation of the pattern as done as a dishcloth.
2. Preppy/Hippie Scarf: Cute striped scarf with fringe. See it before but it is still cute.
3. Toque/Beanie: What can I say, it's a beanie.
4. Spiral Scarf: you can get a version of this pattern for free from Lion Brand, nothing new yet.
5. Vest: as worn on the model looks quite cute. It's not a v-neck 80s reject, but an updated high
neck version with no buttons.
6. Chunky Scarf: Boring, another scarf, this one in a openwork pattern.
7. Capelet: This too have seen before, waiting for not my mama's crochet still.
8. Plaid Skirt: I still dont understand why people would design, make or wear a crocheted skirt, it just seems a bad idea all around, but if you are going to make one, please avoid this
"hookerish" one. It is tight crochet at the top, then once you pass your butt area it turns see through with a butt high slit. Not cute
9. Kimono top: finally something new and cute. I really like the look of this kimono, will be trying it out soon.
10. Granny Sqaure Cardigan: This is mesh and granny squares put together, not really digging it.
11. Shrug: Funky with its flutter sleeves, see it done already.
12. Boyfriend Sweater: I like the fit of this sweater, it is cute in its boxiness. Defintely try this one.
13. Skull Motif: very cool Day of The Dead looking skull. I have made it and it is easy and works up fast.
14. Cozy Peacoat: Cute and clever. Would wear it.
15. Throw: Fuzzy and weird looking, don't think I would make this.
16. Page Boy Hat: Dont like the yarn used, makes it look clownish, could be cute but is not on my list right now.
17. Daisy Neck Warmer: Cute idea, more like a necklace, can't see that keeping anyone's neck warm.
18. Daisy Pin: Super basic flower pattern with a pin through the back.
19. Two bowling pin looking people: Weird yet kind of cute amigurumi people.
20. Belt: boring and done before
21. Fringe Scarf: guess what? another scarf... with fringe. enough said
22. Who Hat: my most favorite pattern in here, but if an adult wears it, it better be halloween, a multi layered beanie with whimsical top. would make for my daughter.
23. Another shrug: this one is short sleeved and still not grewat looking
24. Eco-tote: anyone who has the time and inking to make a purse out of grocery bags, this is the pattern for you. Sorry but I just couldn't go out in public with that.
25. Crocheted Bling: actual title of this pattern. Cute crochet jewelry, super slutty picture that shows it off.
26. Jean Round Rug: only thing new about this rag rug is that it is made with old denim.
27. Felted Purse: boring rectangle shape, but good for a first felting project.
28. Yet another scarf: with fringe... again... but it is felted... still a scarf.
29. Cat toys: looks more like coughed up hair balls then crocheted toys.
All in all, the patterns are somewhat cute even if they are reused and not quite up to date as they were hoping to be. However, you can get this book for under $4 right now on Amazon, so I would definitely purchase it for that price. Click on the title of this post to be taken to the Amazon page with the book for sale.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pattern of the Week

The moldy cupcake from Gleeful Things is just one of the many cute patterns they have to offer. This one is free, but the ones they do sell are resonably priced. Click on the picture to be taken to the pattern and all the other patterns they have to offer.

Super Savings on my Patterns

Get it while you can. Have my whole collection for just $20, that is less than $2 per pattern. I have already finished another pattern and am working on another one that is almost finished then I will add these to the collection for you to enjoy. Buy now and start hooking!!

New Pattern Listed

This is my latest creation. I saw this stitch in a book of crochet stitches at the local Joann's. I had to know what it was because it was so different then any other crochet stitch I had seen. Turns out it is called "Broomstick Lace" because it is said that in the old days, women used broomsticks to make the loops that are the difining image in the stitch. So I learned how to do it and this is my first creation of many using this stitch. Click on the title or picture to get to the listing and check it out.