Monday, May 25, 2009

Pattern of the Week

This is how you do bathroom accessories right. Remeber people, TP and toilet covers.... bad... appliqued shower curtains....good.

I keep running into this pattern and I always like it when I see it, so I thought I would add it to my Pattern of the Week club. Click on the pic to go to the free pattern! Happy hooking!

Ode to the TP Cover

Oh the TP cover, how stout you stand,
You are proudly displayed on the throne,
and there when the guy on the pot needs a helping hand.
Whether, sushi, doll, or happy face, I proudly salute you.
Here, here for the mighty TP cover...


I am done and ready to blog. Wait for it, wait for it....

Want to wish everyone a happy Memorial Day, I have been sick for the past two weeks (not the swine flu thank goodness), so my day was spent at home. I am revvin up for some fun posts so check back soon....

This made me smile.... alot.

One of my fellow ravelers posted this and I couldn't stop smiling after I watched it. Hope it brightens your day. It's even better if you are a Discovery Channel fan.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

One More Week

I have been absent for a couple of weeks now. Reason being -- school. I had alot of projects and test due and this coming week is finals. Once those are done, I will make up for my absence with lots of free patterns (mine included), new listings, lots of "What were they thinking", at least two book reviews and a special "Ode to Toilet Paper Covers". Check back in one week for all the fun I will be posting. I will also be setting up some tutorials for things such as Broomstick lace. See you in a week when finals are over!!