Monday, December 29, 2008

New One

I heard these baby cocoons are gaining in popularity, so I thought I would whip up my own pattern. Use this instead of swaddling your baby with a blanket. Super easy, super cheap pattern. Click on the picture to go check it out.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Latest and Greatest

Here is the latest edition to my pattern collection. It is a hexagon granny scarf. This was fun to make and it used up alot of my small bits of yarn I had laying around. Check it out at my shop by clicking on the post titel or the picture. Happy hooking!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pattern of the Week

Dress done right.

Leave it to Drops design to make a dress that I would actually consider wearing. Mostly because it looks more like a tunic (don't think I would sport that without some jeans underneath -- way too short for my tastes). The simply pattern with sleeves that are actually a good length (how many times have you seen the crocheted top with the just not quite long enough sleeves), is cute but not bulky like so many crocheted garments usually are.

Click on the picture or post title to be directed to the free pattern.

Cool Tip

I just heard about this very neat crochet trick from way back in the day. This is for all of you who prefer to wind your skeins into balls rather than work from the center of the skein (or if you are like me who wind the leftover skeins from finished projects into balls). Simply buy a clay pot from the local Home Depot (make sure it has a drain hole), take it home, turn it upside down on top of your ball and feed the string through the hole. Now, no more balls rolling around your floor, and you could even paint the outside of the pot to make it cute. Plus it is alot cheaper than buying one of the plastic snapware yarn container (even when they are on sale).

Coupon Commotion and Yarn Sale

So going on right now through is a coupon commotion. Up until Dec 24th (yes, tomorrow) they have 50% off coupons available. Hopefully you are already signed up for their emails, if not, you should because I received about four of these coupons in the last week. I also got some in the mail.

Then starting Dec. 26th many of their yarns will be on sale. Red Heart Super saver, Lion Brand Wool Ease, Jiffy, Fun Fur and Vanna's Choice, Lily Sugar'n Cream Super Size are all on sale for $1.99 a skein. That is a really good price for the Lion Brands for sure. I have been using the Vanna's Choice lately and am pleasantly surprised at how much I like it, and it has really great colors. I will defnitely be stocking up the day after xmas.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pattern of the Week

Don't these just look delicious? I love this site, it has the best looking desserts to crochet. They have so many free patterns you can make a different dessert for everyone you know. Click on the picture or post title to get to the free patterns now!

Forgot to show my other new items...

Totally fogot about listing these other two patterns. Both for adults, the left is a cowl, aka fake scarf. It's basically a tube you fit over your head and it will keep your neck warm without the bulk of a scarf. The right is the grown up version of my little girl legwarmers. These are great to go with the fashion tights that are out there right now, or if you are a dancer then you can't go wrong. Click on the post title to go to my shop to check them out.

New Pattern Listed

Here is the latest addition to my pattern family. I like the idea of ear flaps for little ones (this is for young children -- I just stretched it to get it on the fake head) and I know my daughter doesn't really like wearing her hats. However, once I got this on her head and she saw the kitty ears, she wouldn't take it off and was meowing all over the house. Click on the picture or post title to take you to the shop. Only $3.50, but use promo: 15off to get 15% off anything in the shop now thru xmas day!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sales, Sales, everywhere there's Sales

Notice when you don't have any money, you find tons of things to buy. I have never seen so many sales for yarn and craft things (now that I am learning to sew, I am also obsessed with all things fabric).

If you can take advantage of these sales, start buying and get your stash going. Then when you are stuck at home instead of Cancun for a vacation this year (not that I get to go on vacation ever) you will have plenty to do.

Make sure you sign up for the email notifications on sites such as and, I have received at least four 50% off coupons from Joanns in the last week alone. I thankfully have one around the corner so I can go everyday if I feel like it to use up the coupons. If you don't have one close by, ask the cashier to break up your purchases to take advantage of all the coupons you are bringing. If you are nice, odds are they will be nice back and do it for you. If not, there is no shame in walking out the door after using one coupon and walking back in and getting in a different line to use another coupon (you gotta do whatcha gotta do in these times). My philosophy is if they send me all those coupons at once, they should expect me to use everyone of them or not send me that many if they don't want the trouble.

So get out those coupons fellow hookers and start stashing. You know you'll use it eventually.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Pattern Listed

My newest addition to the shop. I noticed a few days ago that there was a stong lack of leg warmer patterns on Etsy... so.... see a need, fill a need. Here is the first version I have come up with. I am currently working on some adult size warmers right now, then I might try a different pattern for the little girl warmers. You can click on the title of the link or either picture to take you to the listing to purchase them if you like. Only $4, that's almost free!!