Saturday, February 28, 2009

Money Saving Site -- Sort Of

I had never heard of this site till a couple of days ago, and as soon as I need to build my stash I am heading over there. The store is called Smiley's Yarn and they have super internet sales. We are talking $1 skeins and good yarn, not just Red Heart Super Saver.

Now I said money saving site - Sort of in the title because there is a catch. To order from them you have to spend at least $50 in one pop. So save up and head over because you can definitely do some damage on this site. Yarn changes constantly so keep checking back. Click on the title of the post to head over there.

New Site Listed

If you love amigurumi, check out this site: It is my list on the right now. It has links to lots of free amigurumi patterns. Happy hooking!!

Pattern of the Week

I thought this was really cool because it is from a Japanese site. If anything click on the picture just to see what a foreign website looks like. Thankfully the maker of these cute monkeys has the instructions in english for those of us who don't read Japanese. Click on the picture to head over to the pattern.

Show off your love!!

How cool are these? Crochet hook cuffs. Guess what? I made them!! I have upcycled old plastic crochet hooks into cool jewelry you can show off your crochet pride with. Click on the title of the post to go to my shop to check them out closer. I only have a couple of the colors listed so far, but I will be adding all of the the next couple of days. Convo me if you want a certain color and I will see what I can do. Happy hooking!!

Newest Idea

I have decided to come out with a year worth of purse patterns. My purse of the month focuses on what I think of when I think of a particular month. This ruffled clutch (yes the ruffles are made out of a special type yarn so the whole thing is crocheted) made me think of April and garden parties and Easter. Click on the picture to check it out in my shop.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What was she thinking?

Okay, so this isn't crochet related, but once I saw it, I had to post it. It freaked me out that much. Now normally I love Anne Geddes and think her photos are so cute of the little babies dressed up like flowers and animals. However, this picture, is just down right scary. Yes we know that is techinically what the inside of a pregnant belly would look like if we could see it, but is there anyone out there that would actually want to see this. Am I wrong? Is there someone out there who would find this beautiful? I think Ms. Geddes may be running out of ideas and stretching a bit.

Another thought that comes to mind when I see this is: how the hell did they get the kid right there in this supertight tube? This is just too freaky for me.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Listing

Curly yarn hair is just one of the many things you will learn after buying this doll pattern. She is cute and totally customizable with hair and skin color. Check her out by clicking on the picture.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pattern of the Week

I love happy little amigurumi animals. I saw this one and it instantly put a smile on my face. Who couldn't use a happy little lobster in their life? Click on the picture to be taken to the free pattern. You will need to register with Coats and Clark to view it, but it is well worth it because you can view many other free patterns while there. Happy hooking!!

Newest Creations

Say hello to my Easter creations. A couple of Easter eggs about to hatch and a plump baby chick who ate all the Easter candy!! I have them listed seperately and all together for money savings. Click on the post title or the picture to go check them out in my shop. Happy hooking!!