Saturday, August 2, 2008

More Money Saving Tips

As you may have found out by now that free patterns on the web can be lacking in their beauty and originality. Really how many potholders can one person make? You may be thinking about heading down to the bookstore and picking up some pattern books. STOP!!! Whether you have a 40% off coupon or not, buying from the bookstore or local craft store will still cost you more than following a few simple tips:

- Buy online. Two great sites for discounted books are and (hosted by ebay) These two sites have just about any pattern book you could find at the store but they have one thing the store doesn't -- people who will sell their copy cheap. I have litterally picked up crochet books that run $25 for 25 cents (plus s/h). These two sites are great for regular books also. You can get just about any book out there for cheaper than what you would spend at the bookstore.

Of course, visit the bookstore first so you can see the inside of the book you want to buy so you don't get stuck with a book you hate just because you thought the cover was cute (I am so guilty of this).

- Visit the library. It may be a limited selection, but they still have books that you can take home and try out before you buy. If you really love the book you borrow then you can always go the tip above this one and find a good deal on it.

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