Thursday, July 22, 2010

New One Skein Cowls just listed

Here are the next 3 cowls in my one skein cowl collection. These are all up and ready to go in my shop. Read more about them by clicking on the title to this post and going to my shop.


Pandora said...

I have a rather pathetic question from the Land of the Fashionably Uncomfortable. . . How does one wear a cowl with poise? I've never seen anyone wear one, but they look so awesome in your pictures!

Deja (yes as in Deja Vu) said...

Great question. You simply put it over your head and adjust to the way you like it (as you can see if you check out my shop, each cowl can be worn in many ways). Unlike a scarf, you don't have to readjust and it won't fall off. Hope this helps :)